Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns related to VNASA, or contact committee members directly.




Contact   details

Relationship   in committee

Sr   Retha Pansegrouw / 083 376 2574 President
Sr   Jana Stander / 084 741 7450 Vice-President
Sr   Martina du Toit / 084 580 0840 Admin   Clerk, Treasurer
Sr   Dalene Jansen van Vuuren / 072 728 6502 PRO
VACANT CPD   Representative
Sr   Theresa Lotter / SAVC   Representative
Sr   Lauren Dommett / 082 775 8688 Editor
Who Does What

President: General queries, remuneration guidelines, website.

Vice-president: International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association, Merchandise.

Treasurer: Membership queries, invoices and receipts.

CPD Representative: CPD queries, workshops and congresses, Edu-Paws.

Admin Clerks: ‘Itching Post’ (job advertisements).

PRO: ‘Professional Excellence in Veterinary Nursing’ Award, attending functions and Vet nurses month.