The Annual Veterinary Nurses Month was introduced in 2009. Nurses working in all fields of the profession are encouraged during this month to make an effort to promote the profession of Veterinary Nursing with innovative projects, competitions and displays. Any proceeds collected from these are donated to charity. Prizes are awarded for best display, most innovative concept or event, best photo promoting our profession and one overall winner.

Ideas for your Vet Nurses’ Month:

‐ Run nurse clinics for the week/month

‐ Hold a career day at your local school

‐ Hold a ‘How to care for your pet’ day at your local school

‐ Hold a fund raising event in aid of a local charity

‐ Have a sponsored dog wash

‐ Have a sponsored dog walk in a local park

‐ Support a local Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC)

‐ Hold information evenings (topics for new pet owners/cat owners/behaviour/fireworks/puppy parties/arthritis talks etc)

‐ Have an open day at your practice

‐ Write an article for a pet magazine/local newspaper

‐ Hold a charity auction

 • Come up with your own unique ideas!!!

• Please consult the practice manager or veterinarian about your fantastic ideas and get all the staff on board.