Ordinary VNASA membership is open to any nurse that qualified at Onderstepoort and received a Dip.Cur.Anim or Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.

Associate membership is open to nurses who are registered with, or authorized by, the South African Veterinary Council as Veterinary or Paraveterinary professionals and hold equivalent qualifications.

Professional Associate Members are members who are registered with SAVC as veterinary nurses after writing a full SAVC examination and hold equivalent qualifications. They have the right to vote and to be elected to office of the Committee of the Association.

Inaugural membership can be granted to any person who qualifies for registration with the SAVC as a veterinary nurse and who attend the inaugural meeting of the Association may, after application on the prescribed form and approval by the VNASA Committee, become a member of the Association. They have no voting rights.

Life membership are ordinary members who have paid membership fees for 20 years, or have paid 20 annual subscription fees in one payment in advance. Such members have voting rights and are no longer required to pay membership fees. 


Membership is renewed annually.

Membership is from May to May the following year.

Membership forms must be completed, signed and returned to VNASA every year.



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